Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Gospel According to Jesus

20 years ago, John MacArthur wrote the classic The Gospel According to Jesus which carefully examined how the Lord Himself proclaimed the gospel. The book deals with such questions as What is Authentic Faith?...and What does Jesus mean when He says, "Follow Me"? The Word of God clearly teaches that Jesus' "follow me" was a call to surrender to His lorship.

Many people profess to follow Christ, yet don’t display the fruit of Christian living in their lives. Others are leaving the faith altogether, sometimes after years of church involvement.

Were those people ever truly saved? That question forces us to go back and examine the substance of the gospel being preached in today’s church. We need to ask, “What truths must a person know and believe to be saved? What is the complete gospel message?” And finally, “Does true saving faith always produce fruit?”

Close scrutiny reveals that today’s gospel message does not match up with the gospel Jesus taught.

In addition to MacArthur's landmark book, there is an audio series that he did back when the book first came out. I have linked to each one of those messages below. You can listen online, download the mp3 for free or read the sermon text. This is a valuable resource that will enable you to share your faith more effectively as you see what comprises an accurate gospel message.

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